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About Kalaneca

We are saree enthusiasts

We don’t just create Sarees , we create Memories

From hiding behind Amma’s pallu as tiny tots , to wearing her gorgeous silk sarees during 10th grade farewell , Sarees have always been part of our finest memories including our wedding.

We , LataRao and her twin daughters  Ramya Rao & Kavea R Chavali are lovers of art and through our brand Kalaneca , aspire to promote the coming together of the skilled art work from Andhra & Telangana

 Our Team

 You are our team !

A journey of weaving a saree begins with YOU.

With your constant love & support , we are always working towards newer ideas by amalgamating a mélange of colours , a variety of designs and skilled weave.

Our weavers are creators of fine handwoven six yards with each saree traversing a unique journey of its own.

So join us in this beautiful journey where we come together to make every memory of a handwoven saree count .