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 Sarees,Styles & Smiles

Happy Mother’s Day : An ode to the Mother of all Sarees

An ode to the mother of all sarees,here comes a series of memories associated with our mother and her sarees. Happy Mother’s Day to our Superwoman.

Narratives on Sarees and Films. Part 1- Jayaprada

Snippets of influence of Sarees in Movies

Sarees & Styles: Lakme Fashion Week

It is that time of the year where colors,creativity and sustainability came together under one roof. The Jio World Center played the perfect host for the most looked forward to Lakme Fashion Week in association with Nexa (organised jointly by […]

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork

While the skilled weavers create magic on the loom showcasing their artistic abilities on the six yards fabric, it is the team of photographers, friends and artists who come together to bring to you the story we want to convey […]

A saree never tells you to FIT in

‘M,L , XL size waali saree dena’ ! said no one ever Well , that’s the beauty of a saree. It drapes the personality you choose to give . It drapes the emotion you wish to emote. We were asked […]

Six yards of expression

We were introduced to Indian Classical dances at a very young age by our mom which truly created a foundation to how we communicate , share a thought or express our feelings. We were recently asked , does a saree […]

Threads & Colours

Remember those SUPW classes dedicated to extra curricular activities back in our childhood? We remember being given a bunch of threads and were told how to make small gudiyas out of it . What fascinated us were the vibrant colours […]

Weaving Memories

Did you notice that when someone wears a good dress you marvel at it and appreciate and ask ‘Where you bought it from’ but when they wear a Saree the question changes to ‘where is it woven from’ or ‘what […]


What is Uppada A tiny hamlet tucked away in coastal Andhra , few kilometers away from Kakinada . A hamlet where every second home has a weaver who is passionately creating stunning six yards on the humble handloom. Their smiles […]