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‘M,L , XL size waali saree dena’ ! said no one ever

Well , that’s the beauty of a saree. It drapes the personality you choose to give . It drapes the emotion you wish to emote. We were asked recently if there is anything one CAN’T do with a saree? We are yet to find the answer to that because the answer is there is nothing one CAN’T do in a saree.

A Saree never tells you to FIT in . I

Ever thought of doing a cartwheel when draped in a saree , or workout or run or even belly dance in six yards fabric ? While this humble unstitched fabric has come a long way and has seen umpteen transformations in styles of drape and going beyond a fabric meant only for the female gender , it still comes with questions of comfort to many .

We decided to break those stereotypes one WEAVE at a time as we at Kalaneca and Actor-Model Mariette Valsan got together in this fantastic shoot and truly just had fun, draped in a saree . Take a look at some of these stunning pictures which truly define the personality of Mariette .


Do visit our instagram page @KalanecaUppada to take a look at our storyboard for the shoot. Our thoughts are also shared in this youtube video

The possibilities are infinite, the emotions are forever when in a saree. No stereotypes , No excuses, No myths.

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