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Unraveling the essence of a Mother  – Her Love,Our Memories

From the archives: Our Mom & the founder of Kalaneca , Lata Rao , all decked up during her wedding anniversary is seen here in her banarasi wedding saree with us( Ramya Rao & Kavea R Chavali). We were 3 years old and are seen in a silk pattu Pavda ,all smiles for the shutterbugs

Amma, Mom, Ma, Mommy, Ammi, Amme, Mommyjaan, bujjiamma … The list is endless when it comes to addressing our mom, depending on the time of the day and of course our mood.

Mothers redefine the meaning of love at every phase of our lives. The one thing that remains constant throughout is their unconditional love towards us.

Looking back at our childhood, our mom was constantly on the move to ensure the best for her twin daughters, just like what every other mother would do.

*When we had tennis practice in the morning, she would wake up at 5AM to ensure we wake up and help prep us for the practice.

*When we had dance performances across the country, she would travel with us every time and help prep us for the performances

*When one of us was hospitalized because of a knee surgery, it was she who stayed back in the room for days, to ensure the weakened knee didn’t’weaken the spirit of her daughter

*Oh! How can we forget the day when we retuned from a 30-day camp to find our dog missing? Somebody had stolen our dog. She was determined to bring back our dog safe by the time we came back from our next camp. She did it and HOW!

Every mother’s investment of her love and sacrifice can never be calculated in terms of money, profits or ROI. The only ROI she expects is the safety of her kids, the hope that they live a better life than hers and become good human beings.

Mom & Her Sarees

Her wardrobe breathed of handwoven sarees, vibrant colors and soft textures. Every saree was folded with respect and placed beautifully. She wasn’t particularly possessive of her sarees when it came to sharing it with us. The picture below is truly a testament to her selfless yet strong approach.

We were 5 years old when we wore a saree the first time ever and that too for a classical dance performance on stage.

Circa Bombay 1989, it was the day of our Bharatnatyam dance performance and we were absolutely excited. Our mom took us to the venue , waiting for our dance master to arrive as he was also bringing the dance costumes and the makeup person with him.  

1 hour to go for the performance and the dance master arrived with no costumes and no makeup artist. And guess what ,the costumes & jewelry that our mom had paid him for, was stolen in the local train and the makeup man went missing. Mom was shocked, our dance teacher was tired and we were clueless.

We 5 year-old girls were staring at her in hope for a solution( as always !). A mother on a mission to make her children happy, needs no permission. She rushed straight to home without wasting a single minute. She opened her wardrobe ,stood in front of it for just 2 minutes and picked two vibrant looking sarees. She also packed some jewelry  and her basic Lakme Makeup , Kajal and lipstick, grabbed some essentials from the neighbor  and rushed back to the venue. She draped the sarees on us and told us to just focus on our dance.This was the first time we ever wore a SAREE in our lives and we were directly dancing a classical routine .She was confident of her twins and it is her energy and positive outlook that made us completely forget that we were in a costume we had never rehearsed before in.Partially , it was also the excitement of performing on the stage which we both truly loved. By the way that evening, she too had a singing performance. But the only thing that mattered to her, was to see her daughters shine on the stage.

That day we danced and received a standing  ovation and a special plaque. The audience  applauded the stars on the stage while we smiled at our superstar – Our Mom

Looking back, we  realized that one of the sarees was in fact her wedding saree ( Bottle green Banarasee) . This is just one of those selfless ,unconditional love that mom has showered on us .

30 years have passed since that day and we are constantly asked which ‘type’ of a saree is our favorite, is it a Kanjeevaram, Banarasi, Uppada, Pochampally, Bengal Cotton…

We say,it is our Mother’s Saree.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mothers around the world. You are the epitome of strength,love and compassion forever.

We look forward to hearing from you all about your fond memories associated with your mother’s sarees. Do comment your thoughts below..

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