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Abhinaya – Kathakali Print on Soft Apricot Cotton Saree

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For the love of a dance form , for the love of culture and nature , here comes a handmade print work which truly embodies God’s Own Country Kerala.

Handwoven cotton saree from Uppada with a dance form from kerala truly gives you best of two states in India. Drape this soft cotton saree and sashay the road as you let the saree express every movement yours.


Running Blouse Piece

FALL & PICO Included


Cotton saree handwoven in Uppada is lightweight in nature and easy to maintain. Carry your personality comfortably in this pure handwoven cotton saree .

Uppada is a tiny hamlet near Kakinada in coastal Andhra. There are around 1500 weavers in this village and it is famous for Uppada Jamdani sarees that are worn by celebrities across the world.The origins of handwoven work however remain cotton . The weavers now weave silks , tissue silks , silk-cotton ,cotton sarees and more.



A beautiful dance form from the state of Kerala takes prominence on this beautiful uppada cotton saree. Everything handmade , everything with passion and everything with love


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